Shilpa Shetty Kundra made her debut as an actor in Baazigar in 1993. With a variety of roles and nearly 63 films under her belt which included Dhadkan, Metro, and more, she never stopped reinventing herself. The role that made the biggest impact in her life was Phir Milenge where she played an HIV patient. The character she portrayed brought about an awareness and social responsibility that converted her into a social activist and she began to take up the cause of HIV very seriously.

A bigger opportunity opened up with her winning Celebrity Big Brother UK, bringing her worldwide recognition. Her tryst with TV continues with her various brand endorsements, as a judge on non-fiction shows and more recently, Super Dancer on Sony TV. With various nominations and film awards to her credit she has also been honoured by a doctorate by Leeds Metropolitan University.

Her perfume S2 went on to become the best-seller in the UK followed by her yoga DVD under her own production which became a huge success making her a fitness icon. Thus began her entrepreneurial journey and Shilpa now has a successful chain of spa’s under the name of IOSIS.

With all these achievements her biggest wish is to fulfil her dream of giving back to society which is why she has started her own charity – Shilpa Shetty Foundation

Being a health enthusiast, she decided to foray into the health and wellness space through the digital medium with the simple aim of spreading awareness and making a difference to the world. This is her most passionate project till date and while most squander good health in the process of achieving goals and financial gains she believes “Health is Wealth” and it needs to be valued more.

Being an eternal positive thinker her mantra in life is “Everything happens for the best”

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