12-Minute Daily Pranayama


12 Mins



'Prana' means universal life force and 'amaya' means to regulate the length or extent. It is also termed as control of life force. When the prana flow is disturbed or broken, one experiences various illnesses like anxiety, fear, tension, conflict which further leads to physical ailments. Pranayama are easy breathing techniques by ancient sages that help relax the mind and body. This 12-Minute Daily Pranayama program is designed with the breathing techniques which when practised daily, helps improve concentration, calms the mind, reduces stress, provides clarity of thoughts, improves lung capacity, supplies oxygen to cells, rejuvenates body and mind and enhances overall sense of well-being.


  • Builds confidence
  • Helps you stay positive and motivated
  • Clears blocked nadis and chakras
  • Helps you grow spiritually
  • Provide clarity of mind