Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program


90 Days



This 3 months Post Pregnancy Weight Loss program is designed to transform you into your best shape after one of the best moments of your life, giving birth. Motherhood is not easy as is and gaining extra weight and not feeling your fittest best can be quite frustrating. Worry not because Shilpa Shetty is here to take you on a memorable fitness journey that will not only bring you back into shape but also increase energy levels, improve sleep, make you more self confident than ever before. It is a combination of Yoga and training designed specifically for your needs. So don't wait and join Shilpa Shetty's gang of fittest moms. Please note, you can take up this program after 2-3 months post-delivery only. In case of any complications, do consult your doctor before taking up this program.


  • Helps you stay injury free and stay on track
  • Helps to lose weight and fat in a healthy way, eating wholesome food
  • Helps improve flexibility as well as strength with a combination program between functional training and yoga
  • Helps improve hormonal imbalance, body composition, improves metabolism
  • Helps build more muscle and reduce body fat
  • Helps you change your lifestyle for the better