Warm Up


10 Mins



Let's turn up the heat in the room with your favorite Bollywood Fitness and Yoga Icon, Shilpa Shetty! This short guided warm-up featuring Shilpa Shetty is planned specifically to the workout that is to follow. It will help you prepare your mind and body for the intense physical activity to come. It consists of low impact controlled movements to mobilize your joints, gradually elevate heart rate with some bodyweight cardio exercises. Focus on quality of reps over quantity and do not rush through the exercises.


  • Mobilizes and warms up the joints to increase the range of motion
  • Stimulates the release of synovial fluid in the joints that will lubricate and protect the joint from harmful impact
  • Increases the core body temperature needed before starting an intense session
  • Prevents injuries by an increasing degree of freedom at a joint and range of the muscles
  • Dynamically and actively stretches the muscles
  • Activates the stabilizer muscles in the body necessary for efficient movement and good quality patterns of movement
  • Improves performance, stimulates mind-body coordination and connection to activate the central nervous system to fire up